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Our goal is to provide the residents and business owners of Winnsboro, Texas the most reliable and affordable pest control services available. Our service plans are hassle free and designed to meet your exact needs.

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Voted has having the best downtown in the Upper East Side of Texas by County Line Magazine, Winnsboro, Texas combines art, music, literature, and unique annual events into a nice, small East Texas town. For many years now, the licensed professionals at D-Bug Pest Control have been protecting homes and businesses in the Winnsboro area from nuisance pests such as termites, bed bugs, mosquitos, and more.

Extermination plans designed for you

Your daily life is hectic. Between work, your kid's activities, and your own schedule, you live a busy life. The last thing you need to worry about is if there are termites silently destroying your home from the inside out, or if you have roaches crawling through your pantry at night. We will come out and inspect your property and design the perfect pest control service program that fits your schedule and budget.

what our plans include
Interior Pest Control Treatments
Our interior pest control treatment includes: a barrier treatment of the inside of the home, the placement of glue traps, if needed, and we will inspect your home for any insect issues. We recommend that an interior pest control treatment be done on your home at least twice a year.
Exterior Pest Control Treatments
D-Bug's exterior pest control treatment includes: spraying the foundation up three feet and spraying the eaves and around all doors and windows of your home. We will also take down any bees or wasp nests and spider webs. We will then apply a 10 foot granular treatment around the foundation for pest prevention. Our exterior treatment frequency is usually customized to your wants or needs.
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Winnsboro, Texas pest control you can trust

From wildlife trapping and removal to sub termite treatment and prevention our goal is to not only provide the most effective, environmentally friendly service that is available but for our customers and friends to feel secure when you choose us to provide these services. We strive to earn your trust and confidence. Please give us a call today for a free pest control estimation or if you have any questions about our extermination services.

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