Bed bug extermination in East Texas

If you think that you may have a bed bug problem in your East Texas home then give the licensed professionals of D-Bug Pest Control a call today for a bed bug examination.

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Bed bugs are a small reddish-brown insects that are found worldwide. They feed off of your blood and are not known to transmit diseases to humans but can cause red, itchy welts to appear on your skin. They can be found in a variety of places such as homes, and motels. They don't fly but can move easily over floors, walls, furniture and are commonly moved to new locations through furniture, clothing and suitcases.

Bed bugs are tough to eliminate on your own and will usually keep coming back unless they are exterminated by a professional team. The comprehensive bed bug treatment plan that D-Bug Pest Control uses will ensure that your home is bed bug free. Give us a call today to setup a free estimation.

bed bug extermination

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