Fire Ant exterminator in East Texas

D-Bug Pest Control's fire ant control and prevention program is designed to prevent fire ants from taking over your East Texas yard.

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Fire Ant control

It never fails, as soon as the spring rain showers begin in East Texas, the fire ant mounds start popping up. These little red pests can absolutely ruin your yard. From their burning sting that gives them their name to the ugly mounds of dirt that they create in your yard, fire ants are a huge nuisance.

Do not let these little annoying insects ruin your outdoor sanctuary. Let the professionals at D-Bug Pest Control implement the most effective, environmentally friendly fire ant extermination service available. We will work with you to customize a fire ant control service plan that is right for you and your budget. Give us a call today and get rid of your fire ant problem in East Texas.

Fire Ant Prevention

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