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Termites can cause thousands of dollars of damage to your home or office if left untreated. The trusted professionals at D-Bug Pest Control can protect your property in East Texas from termites with termite inspections and routine prevention treatments.

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Because termites like to nest in the wood that makes up the interior of your home, most of the damage they cause is done long before you even notice that it has taken place.

Our expert exterminators will come to your home or office and do a thorough inspection to first, ensure you are not already infested with termites and next, identify any entry points that may need to be addressed. Contact us today for more information about our termite inspection procedures and warranties.

Sub Termite Treatment

As their group name suggests, Subterranean Termites usually live in colonies underground, from which they build tunnels in search of food. A colony of termites can cause thousands of dollars or damage to a home if not treated and prevented correctly.

The licensed professionals of D-Bug Pest Control will work with you to come up with an adequate termite control plan that will keep your home safe and protected.

Find out more information about our termite services or call us today for an on site inspection.

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