Pest Control in Mount Vernon, Texas

D-Bug Pest control provides insect and termite extermination for homes and offices in the Mount Vernon area. Call them today for a free pest control inspection in Mount Vernon or for more information.

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Mount Vernon, Texas is located in beautiful East Texas just 100 miles east of Dallas. Complete with hotels, relaxing B&Bs, historic homes, antique shops and more, Mount Vernon makes the perfect small town to visit if you are looking for a great East Texas experience.

For many years now D-Bug Pest Control has been protecting homes and offices in Mount Vernon from unwanted pests and rodents with their professional exterminating services.

Mount Vernon, Texas Exterminator

D-Bug Pest Control offers quarterly, bi-monthly, or monthly plans for home owners in Mount Vernon, Texas that can be further customized to meet your schedule and budget. Their goal is to provide the most effective, environmentally friendly extermination service available.

what our plans include
Interior Pest Control Treatments
Their interior pest control treatment includes: a barrier treatment of the inside of the home, the placement of glue traps, if needed, and they will inspect your home for any insect issues. They recommend that an interior pest control treatment be done on your home at least twice a year.
Exterior Pest Control Treatments
D-Bug's exterior pest control treatment includes: spraying the foundation up three feet and spraying the eaves and around all doors and windows of your home. They will also take down any bees or wasp nests and spider webs. We will then apply a 10 foot granular treatment around the foundation for pest prevention. Their exterior treatment frequency is usually customized to your wants or needs.
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Termite Control

The Mount Vernon area provides an excellent breeding ground for wood loving termites. These little pests cause hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of damage to homes each year. Most of the time homeowners are not aware of what is going on behind their walls until it's too late.

If you own a home or business in the Mount Vernon, Texas area and need to get setup on a termite protection plan then call the experts at D-Bug today for a free quote.

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